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Kevin & Sharon Rodgers, The Rodgers Team

It’s often said that the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.  The Rodgers Team is composed of two very knowledgeable and trustworthy real estate professionals.  However, working as a team, we can provide an even higher level of service than we could as individuals.  Here’s why:


Magnolia Homes for SalePersonalized Service

Unlike some teams, we each have our own clients.  So, you’ll never wonder who will be working with you from day to day.  You’ll get the personalized service you deserve.  But, you’ll also get faster responses to questions you may have.  Working as a team, we can provide more immediate access to information, even if one of us is unavailable.


We also support one another in conducting our real estate practice in a way that simplifies the buying or selling process in the following ways:


Open Lines of Communication

We do not anticipate you will have frequent unanswered questions, because we are both committed to keeping the lines of communication open.  You’ll know the status of your buying or selling transaction on a step-by-step basis.  For example, even if you’re selling a vacant property, you’ll never have to wonder when the property was shown.


We Run Interference For You!

A typical home buyer might tell their agent that they’re looking for a 3-bedroom, 2-bath home in a particular price range.  The problem in our real estate market is that there are many listings that fit that type of description.


Cypress Homes for SaleRather than forcing our clients to waste time wading through a stack of listings or e-mails, we’ll work with you to determine specific characteristics you’re looking for in a new home, and help you prioritize those items.  For example, we’ll help you determine if a big yard is more important than a big home – or whether a gourmet kitchen is required along with a pool.  Then, we can filter your choices down to those homes that will truly meet your requirements.


We can prepare Competitive Market Analysis using the same approach as the appraisers.  If you’re selling, that means we can set the price of your home right the first time.  And, if you’re buying, we can make sure our negotiations result in paying a fair market value for the home of your choice.


We Follow Through 

Once the purchase agreement is signed, that doesn't mean our service to you is over.  For example, we attend home inspections regardless of whether we are representing the buyer or seller.  That means we can address issues as they come up, and let you know if any issues are outstanding, even before the report is issued!


Remember, we can show you any home whether it is a new build or a resale.  Whether you’re buying or selling a mansion, or something a little more modest, contact us today, and get the benefits of working with the Rodgers Team for your next move. WE WANT TO BE YOUR REALTORS!


Kevin & Sharon Rodgers

The Rodgers Team