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Las Sendas


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The Community

Envision a 2400-acre community with approximately 36% of the community in natural or man made open space nestled against the boundary of the Tonto National Forest with miles of footpaths, hiking trails and bike paths. That's Las Sendas, "the paths," with its abundance of desert wildlife, quail, cactus wren, lush vegetations and century-old saguaros. View the ever changing textures and colors of the earth and sky as seasons pass in this beautiful Sonoran Desert foothills location. Celebrating the Community of Nature and Man has been, and will continue to be, the vision guiding the master development of Las Sendas. From the selection of the community name to the creation of its land plan, everything about the award-wining Las Sendas community is inviting and unique as it's been named one of the top five communities in the United States for 1997, 1998 and 1999 by the National Association of Home Builders Sales and Marketing Council.



Many new courses in our Sonoran Desert are like an old-west gunfighter: interesting and notorious, but something you tend to avoid once you've had a primal experience with them. Las Sendas is not one of those. It is a nature walk through the desert, attracting you with beauty and challenging you with shot options. You can't wait to get back and play it again.
Las Sendas requires you to think your way around to play it well. Here, old foxes can outwit young limberbacks. Just hitting the ball will not be enough. You must favor the correct sides of the fairways to obtain the best angles to the greens. Some holes require a little governor, or lay-up, so as not to leave you with an impossible view to the greens. Generally, the greens are subtle. But, be very precise when you read the break to avoid slipping past the hole, as the land mostly falls toward the southwest and the grass grows toward the setting sun.
Las Sendas is not a course contrived with artifice, decor, or railroad ties, nor is it a target course. It is a strategic course, so learn the preferred route from tee to green. It is a Wild West Course, and you'd better bring your six-gun, because you're going to have to shoot it here.