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Home Buyers Tune In to Talking Houses


            November 13, 2006, MesaArizona  - An innovation in digital radio technology is simplifying the oftentimes-arduous process of home shopping. Rather than jotting down numbers of agents listed on a “home for sale” sign, area shoppers who drive by a home with a “Talking House” sign can simply tune in their radio to a designated AM frequency for a detailed report on the home – all without leaving their car. 

            Local Real Estate agents Kevin and Sharon Rodgers have recently debuted several Talking Houses in the Mesa area.  Homes with a Talking House sign have a radio transmitter about the size of a small VCR inside the home. The Transmitter, which recently underwent its most significant redesign, can broadcast a personalized message five minutes in length to a distance of up to 300 feet from the home. Utilizing cutting-edge digital technology, the dramatically improved Transmitter receives a 95 percent satisfaction rating from realtors who have used the units for at least three months.

 “The Talking House Transmitter is a powerful and effective real estate tool because it simplifies the process for all parties involved -- the agent, the seller, and the buyer,” said Kevin and Sharon. “For listing agents and their sellers, a house that talks is much more memorable and stands out amid the clutter of homes on the market. The radio report qualifies buyers by providing them with enough information about the house for them to decide if they’d like to tour the home. The result is that an agent enjoys an increase in the number of calls from qualified buyers.  In addition, hearing a description of the home’s best hidden interior feature may change the mind of a shopper who didn’t find the exterior particularly appealing.”

House hunters appreciate the added convenience of knowing immediately if a house will meet their specifications. They can learn everything they need to know from the comfort of their car, without having to search for a flyer that’s usually run out or only contains a sketchy description at best.

            The Talking House Transmitter is an affordable marketing tool that often costs less than a classified advertisement and is reusable for future listings.  The FCC-approved Transmitter, which simply plugs into a standard wall outlet, can broadcast round-the-clock to any car that tunes in. Because the Transmitter uses a computer chip, the message heard over the radio is crisp and static-free. No special license is required and it will not interfere with television or any other radio reception. The Transmitters use any frequency between 560 and 1700 on the AM dial, and thus, two homes side-by-side could use a Transmitter without interfering with each other’s broadcast.

            The Talking House brand is presented by Broadcast Marketing LLC, which is based in Des Plaines, Illinois.  For more information, please call 1-800-444-8255 or visit 

            For information on the location of Talking Houses in the area, please contact

Kevin or Sharon at 480-540-0194.  The media are cordially invited to interview participants or to film/photograph a Talking House.

Local Agent Earns REALTOR e-PRO® Certification 

 September 6, 2007 -- Kevin Rodgers of Keller Williams has successfully completed the REALTOR e-PRO course to become one of a select few real estate professionals to earn the prestigious certification offered through the National Association of REALTORS.®


The REALTOR e-PROÒ certification course is an educational program unlike any other professional certification or designation course available, comprehensive and interactive. It is specifically designed to provide real estate professionals with the technology tools needed to assist consumers in the purchase or sale of a home.


With more than 70% of consumers beginning their real estate research on the Internet, e-PRO certified agents have the experience and expertise to meet the demands of today’s buyer and seller.


“The real estate industry has undergone a fundamental change over the past several years,” said Kevin Rodgers of Keller Williams. “A majority of consumers are taking the time to conduct their own research prior to contacting an agent. In turn, real estate professionals must be knowledgeable of how technology can assist them in serving the needs of the buying and selling public.”


The exclusive REALTOR e-PROÒ certification course is presented entirely online and certifies real estate agents and brokers as Internet professionals. Because of its innovative design, students are able to complete the course at their own pace, when and where they want, via any Internet connection. The course is designed to help REALTORSÒ stay at the leading edge of technology and identify, evaluate and implement new Internet business models.


Once completed, the e-PRO certified real estate professional joins the ranks of a special community of highly skilled and continuously trained professionals who provide high quality and innovative online-based real estate services.  Consumers can identify the e-PRO through the exclusive e-PRO Internet Professional logo.


Both the content and the delivery platform were created by San Diego-based technology company InternetCrusade®. The course instructs participants in the professional use of e-mail, the development of an interactive Web site, and the use of online research tools. Graduates use the skills they've acquired to provide clients information on properties for sale, local communities, and the local real estate market.


For more information, e-mail Kevin Rodgers at  or call